• Mara Montalbano Leaves NY1 News, But Not Before I Photograph Her

    Jason Joseph Photography - Editorial portrait photographer New York to Los Angeles

    NY1 News anchor and correspondent Mara Montalbano ended an era today. Today is her very last day at the station. After nearly nine years reporting the news of New York Mara is moving on!  Mara is a client and a friend, and I’m honored that she’s hired me to make images of her in the past, and even more so that she told me the images I made of her depict her personality. It’s a great compliment coming from someone who spends their life in front of a lens.. and whose had many people make point cameras at her!

    NY1 News' Mara Montalbano

    Mara Montalbano

    When Mara reached out to me for photos, her schedule at NY1 was rather hectic, and we decided the simplest way to afford us more than a handful of minutes together was for me to bring some gear over to NY1′s office in Chelsea Piers. (Which is an amazing hub for so many productions in NY from  television to still photography production. You have Milk Studios under the same roof as The Food Network, and NY1 News…as well as sports activities, and shopping. The place is like a city within a city!) I was able to set up in a lounge-cafeteria area a few short steps from Mara’s desk. This would allow for her to pop in soon as we were ready, and get right back to work as soon as we had what we needed. I worked with a mixture of daylight coming from  a wonderful east facing window that was filtering in some soft overcast late day sunlight, and a 6′ parabolic umbrella that we fed some strobe photons to act as a frontal fill. ( Basically the sun was coming from Mara’s left (Camera right) and the strobe was firing over my shoulders and into Mara’s moneymaker( aka…her face! I kid…I kid.. her charm, wit and excellent command of the English language are easily on par with her camera ready good looks! And equally responsible for bringing home z’ bacon! Hashtag #bacon ! Mmmm bacon!) it made for a very simple setup!)

    Mara did her own hair and makeup, I kept an eye out for her.. essentially acting as a stylist… keeping on the lookout for anything that would come out-of-place during the shoot and stopping so Mara could make adjustments. If I recall correctly, we did this maybe twice. And that was pretty much it. I tested the light with an assistant in place before we brought Mara to her mark to light it up with her smile…and when I tell you, as beautiful as the light is in this scene.. soft and forgiving and well balanced….and as nice as it looked on my assistant, there was something magical that happened when Mara took her mark. It made it very clear why she has made a career out of being on camera in front of millions of  viewers every single day!

    Miss. Montalbano, thanks for making my job easy, for all the years of great reportage.. and I wish you a wonderful future filled with as much adventure and as many stories as the last 9 years have brought!! Cheers!

    Jason Joseph Photography - Editorial portrait photographer New York to Los Angeles

  • October 14

    GoPro Photoshoot “Assistant Mounted Chest Cam View” a BTS Sneak Peek…

    Jason Joseph Photography - Editorial portrait photographer New York to Los Angeles

    My latest photoshoot was a conceptualized image of Guns n Roses guitarist Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot, and while leafing through the tons of GoPro camera footage and processing the amazing amount of images Ron was awesome enough to give a killer performance for, ( He delivered frame after frame…_and there were LOTS of frames!)…I found this really awesome lil section that shows just how on point my assistants were. Without their support I could never pull off such a shoot. My First Assistant Brian McDonald (who is a photographer in his own right),strapped one of the 5 cameras we had rolling throughout the day to his chest, for a “in the action point” of view.

    At one point.. Id worked up a massive thirst.. and I asked.. can I please have something to drink..Brian not only grabbed me a soda.. but when I was completely engrossed in a conversation about how the shoot was developing in Phase One Capture One, with Digital Tech/2nd Assistant David Teng (Also a great photographer!) Brian…knowing how thirsty I was simply opened the soda for me and handed it to me in a  manner that let me keep on discussing the images with David. Ron is an incredibly  busy and in demand musician, (It literally took 3 years to just to coordinate a day where we could make this shoot happen, and it wasn’t for lack of trying or wanting to on either of our parts!)…so literally every single moment in studio with him needed to be utilized to the fullest potential and by allowing me to remain completely in the moment and focused on what I’m doing helps. The pace of the shoot was laid back for the most part, A very comfortable set.. .to say the least. But when it came time to orchestrating lighting, rigging and technical aspects.. focus was at a premium. And being able to stay focused on the tasks at hand while someone handled lesser tasks…even ones as simple as opening a soda so my eyes could remain focused on solving a technical question, made for a very smooth productive day.

    It made me laugh.. because in the hustle of it all… I had no idea this was really even happening. We all just sort of moved like one machine with the same goal.. burn pixels!….
    And in this case … a guitar too!  But you’ll have to stay tuned to know what the hell I’m talking about….
    Massive thanks to everyone who was on set. You all make it possible for me to do what I do!
    And a very big thank you to the fine folks at Parlay Studios, in Jersey City, New Jersey, for providing what is hands down THE most accommodating professional bunch of people combined under one magnificently large ( and high ) ceiling…making for a studio experience unlike any other. You guys rock!

    More to come! Stay tuned.

    P.S. At home no one opens my sodas for me…no matter how busy I pretend to be! Ha!

    Hope you enjoy the video.

    Jason Joseph Photography - Editorial portrait photographer New York to Los Angeles

  • February 24

    Model Shoot On Location: Harlem NYC

    Jason Joseph Photography - Editorial portrait photographer New York to Los Angeles
    Rolls Royce Harlem Photo Shoot

    Rolls Royce Harlem Photo Shoot

    Model to Die For and a Rolls Royce in Harlem anyone?

    The wind was strong, the temperature unforgiving. Everything else was just perfect. The location…the clothes.. the stylist…the lighting. Everything lined up nicely. But I’ll never look at this image and not be reminded of how incredibly cold I was.

    Jason Joseph Photography - Editorial portrait photographer New York to Los Angeles

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  • February 23

    Food Portrait: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Food Photography is something that while I do not practice often….I enjoy immensely. The reason being, I enjoy food and photography immensely. Anytime you combine passions, you’re bound to have worthwhile results. I like to play when I cook. I experiment. Much the same with photography. The rules once learned are best served when broken.. and the limits pushed. I think most great chefs would concur ( least from what I’ve gathered from watching The Food Network ) If I can make an image that is lasting, timeless..and memorable ..then any and all efforts to make said image were not in vain. Now if I can do the same thing…and make an image of something in a fresh (pun intended) way, then I’m ahead of the game. My goal in making this image was to celebrate the life of the chicken believe it or not. I think that to ignore the reality of a situation is the worst disservice you can bestow upon the moments of your life in which you have the opportunity to react, interact, affect the moment…situation or event. If you truly wish to have the most resonance…its best to embrace the reality, the good bad and the ugly of it.. embrace it and accept it. This is what was at play here….and I say play because play had an equal share in the thought process. I wanted to make the viewer aware of the death of the chicken..the frivalty in which we so nonchalantly handle the carcasses of these once feathered friends is nearly completely overlooked as we simply drool and consume. Now I’m not pointing a finger and shaking the bone in it…I’m simply reminding us of the reality of something which we gloss over, and I’m doing so in a playful manner….paying homage to this species of animal that gives of itself to this planet in a way so much larger than many other species who have historically escaped such fate. In connecting it with something human I’m connecting the viewer in a manner in which they can more personally relate..yet by choosing the skull and crossbones pirate symbolism…I’m doing so in a playful way. The choice to make the image dark.. grainy and unfocused is an attempt to instill some level of uncertainty, discomfort and even a looming sense that will haunt and potentially ( hopefully ) continue to remind the viewer in their continued relationship with food to remember its origin…and in turn hopefully appreciate it even more than it’s perfectly seasoned palate pleasing offers. Celebrating something by way of photographing it, to me…is best done when the photographer is in tune with the object and how that object is perceived by society, and when the photographer is honest with their audience, their subject…and their own vision. The result can only serve to do the subject justice…no matter what the subjects fate, otherwise. As always I hope you enjoy the work. Please pass it along if so. Leave a comment, share your thoughts, and subscribe if you wish.

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